Speedometer & Gauge Repair - Instrument Cluster Repair GM-Ford
Ford    2003 through 2007 6.0 PowerStroke(FICM) Fuel Injection Control Module Repair.
Call 918-640-0659           $239.00
 Priority Shipping 2-3 day      7.00
                   Total             246.00   
Ford Power-stroke 6.0 Diesel F250-F350-F450-F550 
             This is a Repair for  Ford Fuel Injection Control Modules (FICM)
If your are experiencing NO Start,Hard Start,Runs Rough especially in cold weather or PO611 code, you most likely need your FICM repaired.
Test Procedure:
   4 pin (most Common).
   * Remove Rectangular cap held on with 2, T20 torque screws.
    *Connect Positive lead of Volt meter to screw closest to drivers side fender***Only touch the screw ,be careful not to
    short to FICM case.
    * Connect ground lead to a good clean ground.
   * With assistance turn Ing. key on,,,voltage should increase   to 48.3. Make sure your clear of Fan & belt and crank engine . If the voltage is below 45 volts your
      FICM isn't performing like it should providing you have GOOD BATTERIES and CABLES.
      7 pin
      Same procedure except touch positive lead to screw that is closest to passenger fender on row that has 4 screws
       (top left screw)
      Call     918-640-0659 
                        E- Mail    Alheg1@MSN.com
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          PO611  FICM LOW Volt
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